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Check out some of the places Little Wisdom has been featured! And for the record, these are not paid promotions in case you were wondering.

Happy browsing!



Open your heart, believe in yourself, let go.


Self Empowery enables you to overcome your sense of powerlessness and lack of influence, and to recognise and use your resources to claim your birth right.

As part of season two of their Courage Diaries project,  Shubh spoke to Founder, Chirag Singapuri on the hesitation to speak up, building confidence and learning to expand your comfort zone.


Plug in with your earphones, turn on the captions and watch the full interview right here.

Powered By Plant

With only one planet to call home, it's wise to adopt habits that protect it. Powered by Plant offers vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable beauty and skin-care products that also focus on inclusivity.

Shubh identifies with their values and after purchasing (and being satisfied!) with their products, said yes to their instagram takeover to share her clean and green skincare routine.

Watch it on the PBP instagram stories


Klay by Nivvy

Handmade and non-toxic, Klay by Nivvy creates classic, chic and contemporary clay jewellery and accessories for everyone.

As part of a limited Chandbali (chand = moon, bali = earrings) series, Shubh was featured with her purchase of the beautiful, traditional Indian design.

Check out the post here.

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