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Another podcast? Yes, but instead of cramming excessive information in long episodes, the aim of Little Wisdom is to allow you time to process and reflect on seemingly ordinary events in our lives to uncover the extraordinary little lessons within them. Planting a seed isn't enough, it needs to be nurtured in order to grow into a mighty oak.


Be pleasantly surprised with tips from science and spirituality that help you plant the seeds of knowledge and gently cultivate wisdom, so we can work towards increased confidence and self-awareness.

A woman that sneezes way too loud and loves animals, Shubh is no guru or self-help coach. From the design of this site, you can tell she's no tech expert either. A regular person with the day job of a writer and a deep-rooted interest in ancient and current literature, she has worked across industries in content, communications and operations related to social and environmental impact. Her hope is for you to feel uplifted and confident about nurturing positive growth for yourself with each episode.

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